Canadian Immigration Policies and Advocacy

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People come to Canada from different parts of the world through the nation’s various immigration programs.  Migrants bring with them their own sense of culture, making Canada a cultural mosaic. This ideal became the  foundation of The Canadian Multiculturalism Act which formalized the government’s commitment to “promote  the full and equitable participation of individuals and communities of all origins in the continuing evolution and  shaping of all aspects of Canadian society”. This Act became the basis from which immigrants, like Filipinos,  advocate for greater inclusivity in Canadian society. Through guided reading, students explore immigration  policies in Canada since the mid-19th century and create a timeline of major policy changes in response to  the changing needs and values of the country and in response to global forces. In an arts-based activity,  students will apply their research of migrant advocacy in a poster of their own creation inspired by Filipino  Canadian artist group, the Kwentong Bayan Collective.

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Courtesy of Kwentong Bayan and the Graphic History Collective.