Lesson 1: Appreciating Philippine Folk Dances: The Cariñosa, Binatbatan, and Tinikling

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In every culture, dance is a cherished art form that expresses the values, history, and traditions of a people. In this introductory lesson, you will guide your students through an exploration of Philippine folk dance, specifically three types: the cariñosa, binatbatan, and tinikling. Through a presentation, students will gain knowledge of the historical and cultural significance of each of the three Philippine folk dances. In a group activity, they will learn how to appreciate these three dances by using the Critical Analysis Process, applying the elements of dance and appropriate dance vocabulary. This lesson will build up their understanding of dance as an important cultural expression before they begin learning these dances in the creative process in the 3 lessons that follow.

Key terms: Critical Analysis Process, elements of dance, dance vocabulary, Philippine folk dance, cariñosa, binatbatan, tinikling