Lesson 3: Binatbatan: Playful Beats

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The three dances in this curriculum (binatbatan, cariñosa, and the tinikling) have been chosen because they include the fundamental steps in Filipino folk dance. In this lesson, students will learn the binatbatan, a dance that emerges from the northwestern region of Ilocos, the Philippines. The playful movements of this dance were created for specifically for children and represent the actions of cotton farmers as they separate the seeds from the fibers using sticks. The first lesson will begin with the basic movements of the dance. The second lesson will incorporate the different sections of the dance. You may choose to complete some or all of the sections. Students are expected to work together as it is a partnering dance as well as work with props, such as sticks.

Key terms: Grade 6 Dance, Filipino folk dance, binatbatan