Lesson 2: Cariñosa: The Dance of Love

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Representing the courting phase of a romantic relationship, the cariñosa (which means “affectionate one”) is a Filipino folk dance that emerges from Panay, the Visayas and the Bicol region. With historical origins dating back to the Spanish colonization era, the cariñosa displays the deep hispanic cultural influences in the Philippines. The first lesson will begin with the basic movements of the dance. The second lesson will incorporate the different sections of the dance. You may choose to complete some or all of the sections. Students are expected to work together as it is a partnering dance. In addition, they will have the opportunity to work with props, such as a fan and a handkerchief, in ways that resemble the coyish act of hide-and-seek. This dance exposes students not only to the cultural values associated with courtship, but also to one of the Philippines’ most beloved national dances.

Key terms: cariñosa, national dance, Filipino folk dance, Grade 6 Dance