Culminating Activity: City Vision 25 Contest

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Now that students have completed the main overall expectations of the course, they will demonstrate their learning by joining the “City Vision 25 Contest”. Using a case study of Manila, Philippines, students will learn about social, environmental, and economic factors that can develop a sustainable city. This case study will also serve as an exemplar for this assignment. They must research a city in Canada, small or large, anticipate its growth and change in the next 25 years, one that could receive acclaim in Maclean’s “Best Communities in Canada” rankings. They may choose a Canadian city with a high Filipino population. Their submission will include a report and digital portfolio. Presented as an exciting competition, their submissions will be judged by a national panel that will sponsor the top teams, all expenses paid, to present their ideas at the City Vision 25 Gala in Ottawa, Ontario. Their presentation will be broadcasted by CBC and the public will vote for who should win the grand prize of $50,000.

Students will complete this culminating activity in groups of 4-5 people, with several steps that include:

1. An introduction of the project with requirements and expectations,

2. Demonstration of main expectations using Manila as a case study city;

3. A Project Checklist with deadlines for completing tasks, and

4. Scaffolding handouts and assessment tools to help students develop their work.

Estimated time for completion: 6-8 weeks