Module 1, Lesson 2: Does Migration Improve Quality of Life?

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This is the second of three lessons that explore the linkages between migration to Canada and quality of life and development in the Philippines. It allows students to think about the connection between a family’s migration and the much larger global processes that such experiences are a part of. There are many reasons why a person may migrate (e.g., economic opportunities, reunification with family, forced migration, etc.) and in the first activity, students will listen to a pop/rock song written by Filipina Canadian Casey Mecija and “doodle” to evoke some emotions migrants might feel. This will make possible personal connections for the students, or connections to the film Balikbayans (Alex Humilde, 2015) viewed in the previous lesson. In small groups, students will brainstorm and present the benefits and negative consequences of migrating and how the process affects the communities (and countries) they leave behind.

Key terms: Balikbayan, Ohbijou, benefits and costs of migration, quality of life, the Philippines, Casey Mecija, Alex Humilde, doodle