Module 2: Hit the Brakes on Fast Fashion!

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With the onset of globalization in the last few decades, the trend and demand for “fast fashion” has dramatically increased with serious impacts on human health, quality of life, and the environment. When you put a shirt on, you rarely think of how your purchasing decision might affect the life of a farmer in India, a factory worker in the Philippines, nor a doctor in Turkmenistan. The fashion industry, from cradle to grave, is now considered the second largest polluting industry next to oil. How can this be the case? Buying “fast fashion” may seem more affordable, but at what cost? In the following activities, students will examine the: importance of the broader textile industry to Canada, the impact of fast fashion on a social, political and environmental level and ongoing initiatives to address some of the sustainability concerns.

Key Terms: Fast fashion, clothing and textile industry, Trading Shirts Game, Ontario Catholic No Sweat Movement

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