Module 1, Lesson 3: How do Remittances Affect the GDP?

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This is the third of three lessons that explore the linkages between migration to Canada and quality of life and development in the Philippines. It allows students to think about the connection between a family’s migration and the much larger global processes that such experiences are a part of. In this class, students will ‘scale up’ the individual experiences of migration (discussed in the previous two classes) by considering how the money sent back by migrants (“remittances”) impacts overall quality of life and development in the country of origin. Students will create a line graph to show the amount of remittances Canada, Mexico and the Philippines have received over time, analyzing and predicting the reasons behind this. They will then use a scatter plot to graph the percent of GDP (gross domestic product) from remittances received by a range of countries, along with their GDP per capita. From this exercise they will draw conclusions about which countries rely heavily upon remittances for their development.

Key terms: development, remittances, Philippines, Canada, GDP, line graph, scatter plot graph, migration, quality of life