Lesson 4: So you think you can dance the tinikling?!

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Arguably the most well-known of the the traditional Filipino folk dances, the tinikling is the most difficult of the three dances (binatbatan, carinosa, and the tinikling) in this curriculum. The tinikling comes from the central region of Leyte, in the Visayas (the central region of the Philippines) and emerged during the Spanish colonial period. The steps of this dance are derived from imitating the swift and graceful movements of the tikling bird as it evades the farmer’s bamboo traps. The first lesson will begin with the basic movements of the dance. The second lesson will incorporate the props, namely the bamboo poles/sticks. Finally, the third lesson will combine all of the movements together. Feel free to complete all sections or parts of them as you see fit. Like the tikling bird that must sidestep the tapping bamboo poles, students are expected to work very carefully with the props and to value teamwork and collaborative learning in this fun and exciting lesson.

Key terms: Tinikling, Filipino folk dance, Grade 6 Dance