Module 2, Lesson 2

Manila 411: Human Resources, Gender and Migration

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This is the second of three lessons in a module that presents some of the distinctive features that shape development and quality of life in the Philippines. In this lesson, the specific focus is on the human resources (that is, people and their education/skills) that shape development in the Philippines. Students will learn about the emergence of call centres as a significant source of employment for university-educated individuals in the major cities of the Philippines, the world’s leader in this sector. Students will learn about the transnational connections between the English-speaking workers in the Philippines and the multinational companies that employ them. Students will read an article about the call centre sector in the Philippines and they will identify the advantages and disadvantages of the call centre sector as a sustainable form of development.

Key terms: call centres, Philippines, English in the Philippines, development, quality of life, sustainability, Grade 8 Geography