Module 2, Lesson 1: Natural Resources and the Environment:

Impacts of Foreign Mining in the Philippines

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This is the first of three classes in a module that presents some of the distinctive features that shape development and quality of life in the Philippines. In the first class, students will learn about the rich natural resources of the Philippines and the injustices that sometimes result from their exploitation. Students will grapple with transnational inequalities by watching two videos about a Catholic priest in the Philippines who fought to protect the environment and the Mangyan Indigenous peoples on Mindoro from the impacts of a nickel mine proposed by a large foreign mining company. They will think about who benefits and who is disadvantaged by foreign mining and they will create questions from the perspective of different people (residents, politicians, students, farmers) to ask a hypothetical company that is seeking to mine a rural area in the Philippines (or another location).

Key terms: Mining, Canada, Philippines, Indigenous Peoples, Indigenous land, natural resources, environment, quality of life