Name: Tobias C. Enverga Jr.*
Place of Birth: Lucena City, Philippines
Elementary School: Luzonian University
High School: Luzonian University

1. Could you please describe how you came to be in Canada?
I accepted the invitation from my sister in Newfoundland, initially I was expecting to stay for only 3 months to seek adventure. The rich natural beauty of Canada, the opportunities and the people made me decide to stay.

2. Describe your experience of growing up, living, and/or working in Canada?
Initial living in Canada was not that bad for me because of my siblings support. Finding a job in Newfoundland that time was very hard, besides the winter in the island was much longer hence I moved to Toronto. I found Canada a land of opportunity if you work hard for it.

I worked in entry level jobs in Toronto at the same time studied courses to upgrade my knowledge and skills for better job growth. Initial job search challenges include getting questions like “Do you have any Canadian experience? and “You are over-qualified for the job”

3. What are some of your major accomplishments? What were/are some of your major struggles?
I would say raising a family, having a full time job, studying and volunteering at the same time are both my struggles and major accomplishments.

Other accomplishments:

  • Philippine presidential Award “Lingkod sa Kapuwa Filipino” or Linkapil award
  • First Filipino Canadian to be Elected in the City of Toronto
  • First Ethnic minority to be elected as Trustee in TCDSB
  • First Filipino Canadian to be appointed in the Senate of Canada
chamber shot
               Courtesy of the Office of the Honourable Tobias C. Enverga Jr.

4. What are some of future goals that you envision for yourself and for the Filipino community in Canada?
I intend to continue to advocate for Filipino Canadians and other minorities. Unifying Filipino Canadians is a very important dream for me.

*Senator Enverga passed away on November 16, 2017.