Module 2: Lessons 1-3: Why do people migrate?

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With the use of materials and resources featuring Filipino experiences, these lessons aim to help students understand why people from other countries migrate to Canada. They will also learn the different migration pathways these people took in order to enter Canada. It is as well the intention of this lesson to develop students’ appreciation of their heritage and be more inspired to become productive citizens of Canada. The various activities presented in the lessons not only accommodate the students’ learning styles and capabilities, but necessitate cooperative learning and active participation — key aspects of citizenship education.

Key​ ​terms:​ ​migration, immigration, main reasons, refugees, Filipino women, “Picture in Picture”
Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 2.48.41 PMDownload PASSOC Family Feud PowerPoint here.

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Picture in Picture (2015). The Magkaisa Centre. Click on image to access the project.